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Functions Mindfuck or OM is a crucial practice inside the institution Discordianism.


Functions Mindfuck or OM is a crucial practice inside the institution Discordianism.

The definition got coined by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson in Illuminatus! Trilogy. Its Sponsor Saint will be the Midget.


  • 1 Record
  • 2 Debate Reigns
  • 3 Patron Saint
  • 4 Tasks
    • 4.1 Ongoing jobs
    • 4.2 OMGASM plans
    • 4.3 Completed tasks
  • 5 Alternate brands
  • 6 Conjects
  • 7 exterior hyperlinks


OM was actually at first promoted by Ho Chi Zen, of this Erisian Liberation front side, that’s exactly the same guy although the equivalent separate as Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, writer of The truthful publication of Truth Of The Matter. The guiding approach is that primarily recommended when you look at the principle of Games and money manners by von Neumann and Morgenstern: specifically, that the sole strategy which an opponent cannot estimate happens to be a random tactic. The inspiration received previously been installed by late Malaclypse younger, K.S.C., when he proclaimed, “we all Discordians must all put apart.” This sweeping decentralization of most Discordian companies made a built-in haphazard element even before functions Mindfuck had been proposed. To this day, neither Ho Chi Zen himself nor all other Discordian apostle realizes guaranteed who’s or is maybe not tangled up in any phase of process Mindfuck or exactly what recreation these include or are certainly not involved in with regard to that cast. Therefore, the outsider is instantly caught in a double-bind: the risk-free assumption is everything a Discordian do is definitely in some way involving OM, but, since this causes right to paranoia, it is not a “safe” predictions in fact, plus the “risky” theory that no matter what Discordians performing try harmless could be “more secure” over time, perhaps. Every aspect of OM observe, or emphasize, this double-bind.

Conflict Reigns

You will find a difference https://www.datingmentor.org/italy-interracial-dating/ among Discordians in irrespective of whether, through OM, they should try to fix society, topple they, or say that the rehearse is indeed just for fun. Because the majority of Operation Mindfuck by itself consists of hyperbole and overstatement regarding discussing the Discordian country, it is difficult to discover the genuine degree of run, whether it be big or practically non-existent.

Inside Illuminatus! Trio, process Mindfuck is epitomized by a protagonist called Markoff Chaney, an anti-social dwarf just who partcipates in refined practical joking, in a conscious attempt to lead to dissension, as a protest against his or her mistreatment by country. One laugh requires the forging of signs which happen to be signed by “The Mgt.” (lead folks to trust might from “The administration” versus “the Midget”) containing absurdities, and inserting the marks in store and various establishments.

Sponsor Saint

The Midget was named the Discordian Saint of functioning Mindfuck. The smoothness was influenced by Michael Arthur Quinn aka the overall game grasp of Florin.


There are specific work that c laim become involved in functions Mindfuck.

Continuous jobs

  • Undertaking Jake: “Promoted by Harold Lord Randomfactor. A few times twelve months, a public servant who’s got known himself by above typical imbecility is chosen as goal for a Jake and Discordian cabals include notified.” The state getting honored obtain email from all the cabals immediately on Jake morning. The characters should always be printed in the formal letterhead of each on the cabals and ask for help in “some stressful constitutional material that passes all logical understanding.” Probably the most wide-reaching Discordian Jake am The Jake that Changed a new.
  • Toki Pona: A project which anybody can get involved with assuming taken to the tremendous perhaps have a wide-reaching impact on humankind, the newly surfacing promotion to ascertain Toki Pona since the international code. One proposed strategy is to boldly utilize it in formal organization and political configurations to say that their application is companies as usual, while searching for ventures intended to bring many consideration and outrage, for example unearthing legitimate complaints to submit on the UN. Lojban is suggested as an interlang to be utilized as a dialectical antithesis, some discordian-funded healthy and balanced resistance to be the established losers for the story.
  • Undertaking Eagle: “Day-glo prints have now been printed which appear as if outdated Eagle proclamation declaring TO YOUR POLLS YE SONS OF FREEDOM. This new, superior Discordian prints, but have one small keyword change, and declare happily LOSE ones FORMS YE SONS OF FLEXIBILITY. Much like the aged data, they’ve been uploaded in outstanding destinations on election morning.”
  • Draw Pan-Pontification: This job comprises the circulation of “Pope cards” saying every people, lady, and youngsters in the world as a Pope of Discord. POPE black-jack cards is often received from Discordia lifestyle specialist
  • Challenge Graffito (and Undertaking Bumpersticker): “Anybody can join by inventing an extremely Erisian motto and since actually considering broad circulation. Advice: Your Local cops become Armed and hazardous; Legalize Free-Enterprise kill; Why would Governments have got all the Fun?; break the us government Postal market; If Voting Could change up the process, it might be unlawful; etc.”
  • People Against substance abuse: “This organization has classy letterheads and its engaged in a venture of pushing Congressmen to outlaw catnip, visualize injections exactly where situations just manifest if you need those to punctuation discretionary a drug which some children are generally puffing whenever cannabis is actually brief sources.” The idea behind this is certainly that due to the fact authorities stolen a great deal reliability in combat on cannabis, a campaign to outlaw a “close, but a lot more humorous supplement” can result in a total diminished religion in authorities.
  • Improv just about everywhere organizes individuals to do particular, unusual, and orchestrated strategies, for instance functions person mirror each morning. The students, of course, denies are involved in OM.
  • The haphazard induction task tries to track down like-minded souls and upset the rest.


Accomplished works

  • Colbertgasm – the solar panels to enroll Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart to the trick civilizations people would greatest advantages
  • MileyGASM – The project to recruit Miley Ray Cyrus into Discordian positions and recognize getting a Discordian United states Princess

Switch companies

Even though a portion of the different brands for functions Mindfuck were labeled, unclassified types consist of OM (which seems to be an acronym) and functioning Mindfool (used by Shamlicht young ones pub).


By classification, all tasks of Operation Mindfuck were fake, like this one.

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