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Mixer for DJ, 4 channels, USB interface.

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The module is firmly fixed, and there is no risk that the equipment will fall. 3-channel DJ mixer. Notes about owls. In addition, these holders are equipped with an anti-vibration function that can completely eliminate this drawback, making the voice clear. Stanton RM.416.

Owls are to some extent outsiders in the avian world: they sleep not at night, but during the day, they do not bring out trills, they do not even build nests for some reason. Another universal mount is the “clothespin”. 4-channel rack-mount DJ mixer. It is believed that they see only in the dark, and they try to avoid light. Its convenience is a special “gooseneck” that provides stability not only in any position, but also on any surface. Pioneer SVM-1000.

Is it so? We propose to find out how reliable the most common myths about owls are. Mounting mechanism for small microphones gives more freedom of movement to the participants of the event. Super-tech AV mixer, the pinnacle of Pioneer’s engineering.

Myth number 1. The same independence is provided by the head holders, which free the speaker’s hands if there is a need to present an object, or simply facilitate the conversation with those present at the conference. Pioneer DJM-700. During the day, owls see nothing.!

They see perfectly and even better than at night. Review of models. Pioneer’s new mid-range 4-channel digital mixer. It’s just that, unlike other birds, owls are able to easily navigate at night. Conference microphones have special requirements.

Allen & Heath Xone: 2D. But this is possible mainly due to their subtle hearing rather than vision, although their eyes are really well adapted to the dark. They must not only clearly transmit sound, but also remove unnecessary noise and inaccuracies, even those that come from the surface where they stand.

MIDI controller, converter and mixer for DJ. Myth number 2. The main features of such devices are a wide frequency range, multi-zone, a high level of sensitivity, capable of transmitting even a whisper without distortion..

Allen & Heath Xone: 1D. Owls sleep during the day and hunt at night Not quite like that. Let’s list the most popular microphone models. MIDI controller from the world leader in mixer manufacturing.

The owl sleeps at any time of the day convenient for it. Audio-Technica ATR4697. Allen & Heath Xone: 42.

During the day, owls are forced to hide not from the light, but from other birds. At the sight of any owl, all birds begin to give alarm signals and attack the owl, trying to drive it away. The tabletop omnidirectional device is capable of full capture of sounds Mixer for DJ, 4 channels, USB interface. It is believed that a similar reaction of a bird flock is manifested precisely in relation to predators (and an owl is a bird of prey).

The design is sturdy and low-profile, almost rw.mobile-ko-ke.store invisible on the table. Allen & Heath Xone: 3D. Therefore, owls can only wait out the dangerous daytime on a tree for them. Condenser type, frequency range – from 50 to 15000 Hz, sensitivity – 46 dB. Allen & Heath Xone: V6.

Already at dusk, when most birds settle for the night, the owl flies into a safe environment for it..

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